Zego Sports Boat

If Price, Safety, Versatility and Ease of Operation are important, you need to check out the Zego Sports Boat. Any type of fun or work, on any type of water, you can use a Zego!

The design offers incredible stability and sea keeping abilities, resulting in the most comfortable ride in its class.


  • For versatility the Zego Sports Boat cannot be beaten. The Zego Sports Boat has the capability of being suited to a variety of ocean and fresh water activities with the added advantage of being able to be taken into shallow waters, estuaries and rivers. Not only does this make the Zego Sports Boat ideal for scientific research, hunting, trout fishing and even farm work, but it is also a great family boat, ocean fishing/diving boat, surf-riding/wave jumping boat, and water-skiing/wake-boarding boat.
  • With its low maintenance, rugged construction the Zego Sports Boat is tough, impact resistant and unsinkable. If you can sink a Zego we want to know how you achieved it. We have been trying for over 15 years and haven’t found a way yet. These little boats are amazing and cannot be beaten in durability or price.
  • Classified as a Runabout, the Zego Sports Boat is allowed access to a greater number of water ways a boat classified as a Personal Water Craft is not. The Zego Sports Boat has a 5 year warranty for private use and a 3 year warranty for commercial use.
  • The Zego Sports Boat comes with all the standard Zego Sports Boat features you would expect a high quality sports boat to have, with your choice of optional extras such as black powder coated aluminium, black deck skirt, colour depth sounder, LED Nav lights and ski bar. Furthermore, what makes the Zego Sports Boat exceptional is the impressive workmanship that goes into each and every Zego Sports Boat manufactured.
  • The Zego Sports Boat is a great family boat because the Zego Sports Boat is extremely safe, tough, easy to drive and maintain. The Zego Sports Boat also makes it the ideal craft for the first time boater. Regardless of age and boating experience, the Zego Sports Boat will quickly build confidence so the whole family can have fun on the water or you can take off for a spot of serious fishing.
  • For the avid fishermen out there, the Zego Sports Boat is the ideal boat to fish from, whether it be on a harbour, a lake or out at sea. With its incredible stability, and sea keeping ability, the Zego Sports Boat provides an ideal platform to fish, dive or collect cray-pots from.
  • The serious fisherman has the option to upgrade the Zego Sports Boat set up for the ultimate fishing experience. Upgrade options include colour depth sounder, VHF radio, gaff/paddle, compass.

If you have to tow your Zego, launching and retrieving is a one person operation, making this little boat easy to use at any time.

We will happily custom build your Zego to your requirements. Check out our Options and Extras page, and talk to us.