Zego Maintenance Free Construction

To all of you who can permanently moor a boat, you Have To Consider a Zego. Maintenance free construction that will take all the knocks you can give it, plus a self-draining cockpit.

If you can sink a Zego we want to know how you achieved it. We have been trying for over 10 years and haven’t found a way yet. These little boats are Amazing.

From FIRST BOAT to No2 BOAT to LAST BOAT, Zego should have a place in your boating life.

Our clients, private and commercial love their Zego’s, because for a 3mtr boat, there is nothing to compare to a Zego.

If you have to tow your Zego, launching and retrieving is a one person operation, making this little boat easy to use at any time.

A little SECRET to all you keen fisho’s. New Zealand has some of the best fresh water and salt water fisheries in the world! A population of 4.4 million and   15,134 kms of coastline. We have lakes, rivers, swamps, fiords, coves, harbours and 100’s of islands big and small, creating a multiple of different fishing conditions throughout the country. Our serious Zego fisherman find the boat perfect in close, in coastal situations, where hitting a rock is a hazard, but won’t damage a Zego. If you want to change from boat to land base you just pull your Zego up onto the rocks. Other clients go “way out” targeting pelagic species, tuna, marlin etc and rave about the economy, sea keeping and stability when stand-up fishing on pelagic’s. If you are into diving or spear fishing, this is A GREAT LITTLE BOAT!

We will happily custom build your Zego to your requirements. Check out our Options and Extras page, and talk to us.